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Illinois First Shotgun Season

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Hours of Operation

*Note*  We will NO longer accept partially or fully skinned or caped deer.  NO exceptions!


First Shotgun season hours:


Friday through Sunday 9am to 7pm or earlier if we reach cooler capacity for that day.

Monday Noon-7pm


Second Shotgun season hours:


Thursday Noon-7pm

Friday-Sunday 9am-7pm

Monday 5pm-7pm


Due to our processing schedule ALL IL Shotgun deer must be in our cooler by close of day Monday.  (The day after the close of that weekend)  


What do I do if I can't get in before you close for the evening?


If you are unable to get your deer in the cooler before we close for the evening Friday- Sunday first season or Thursday-Sunday second season please make sure it is properly cooled out.  A couple bags of Ice in the cavity helps along with ice on the hind quarters and front shoulders and neck if the outside temperature warrants it.  That would be anything above refrigerator temperatures of about 40 degrees.


Are you accepting boneless meat now?


If you have boneless meat we will start accepting it again after this busy weekend.  Please freeze it in ziploc bags clearly labeled with your name and confirmation number.  No meat brought in trash bags will be accepted. Please DO NOT grind it! Chunk meat only!  Call after the first of the year to find out when we will be accepting it.


Can I pick up the deer you called me about when I drop off my deer from shotgun weekend?


There will absolutely be NO pick up of meat this weekend.  We do not have the staffing to accomodate you.  You can call us after Thanksgiving and pick up your meat then.


We are trying our best as our business grows to make this a smooth and enjoyable experience for you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we know there is often a long wait this weekend. 


Happy Hunting!


Chuck & Mary Ellen

River Bend Wild Game & Sausage Co.